It is a dream for quite a number of people to work and live in Samui. Sadly, very few people get to live the dream. The question this creates is what the differentiating factor is, between people who daydream about achieving this dream and the people who get to live out the dream and achieve the goals of a new way of life far away from their home country in places such as Koh Samui.

The Answer is: Applying for a Job 

This is a basic start of the process; where you devote time to searching for the perfect job in Samui and send in your applications to employers.

How to Apply Yourself

Past experiences should have shown you that when you want something, the only way to get it is to go after it yourself. Opportunity doesn’t spring up on us often; for that reason, if you have dreams of working in Samui, you ought to start searching for suitable vacancies yourself.

If you are fluent in foreign languages it would be ideal to narrow your search to jobs that require the languages you speak, so you can have an advantage over other foreign applicants. However, since you are most likely limited to speaking only English language, searching for companies where English is the business language will be the best choice. You can also extend your search to jobs in tourism for instance, where the language for dealing with guests is not only English but also French, German and Chinese to name some of the most used ones and where a lot of job opportunities are available.

The internet will give you a wide variety of employment options, for whichever profession you prefer, it will also provide a network of the recruitment firms and employers, then you can make contact with any one of the options given. Check out A Complete Guide to Finding Work in Koh Samui.

How to Create a CV and Cover Letter

In creating a job application, just like the best things in life, you have to put your best foot forward. It is important to put up an approach that would grab the recruiter’s attention when you make your applications for a job in Samui. Your resume and CV has to be highlighted and displayed in the most appealing way possible.

This is because it represents your first contact with the recruiter who is checking through other applicators; yours need to stand out.

Your cover letter and CV have to be impeccably drafted; if you do not speak and write English like a native it would be a wise move to pay a professional translator or job applications writer to help you translate or create your cover letter and resume into the correct form, nobody likes to review a poorly drafted application. The general belief is that anyone who cannot present a detailed and well-written application will most likely be hard pressed to give the best in performing the highlighted job role. So it is imperative that you compile the most compelling, detailed and well-drafted application when applying.

Avoid unnecessary flowery notes let your application be brief and concise. It is advised that you include a compelling brief on why you are the best candidate for the job, highlight your achievements, relevant years of experience and desirable skills. Include your referees who can provide glowing accolades of your personality and your contact details.

In conclusion, considering all your efforts in seeking out the ideal recruitment firms and employers, and creating a well-composed application, stay visible and be engaging in your pursuit for the best job in Samui. Success comes to people who are prepared.

Feel free to post your experiences and opinions in the comment section below!


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