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SamuiDaily.com Update

For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to bring you new exciting features. Two of the latest additions to SamuiDaily.com are the Friend Referal Program paying you ฿50 for every successful new member registration and a Security Upgrade of our website to HTTPS, making SamuiDaily.com the first job board in Samui and one of the first in Thailand that provides its visitors with this essential safety measure.

Invite your friends and earn ฿50 for every successful new member registration

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Get started by logging in to your SamuiDaily.com dashboard to get your default link.  If you share content from SamuiDaily.com, add ?ref=[your referral id] to the link you like to share. (for example, this link will work just fine https://www.samuidaily.com/?ref=1).

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The second big new is our huge security upgrade to HTTPS

Have a look at your browser’s address bar. Notice that lock icon next to the Web address? We made the switch to HTTPS. You might already know a thing or two about cyber security but think that a lock icon and an extra “Secure” next to our web URL might not seem like all that important. However, they represent an enormous upgrade, one which completely changes the safety of our website.

What exactly is HTTPS, you may well ask? It refers to HTTP requests transmitted over a secure encrypted channel. In less complicated words, going to an HTTPS website instead of a normal old HTTP website protects you against a number of malicious activities, including |website forgery and content alteration.

How exactly does HTTPS work, and why is it important? While surfing a properly set up and maintained HTTPS website, one can expect three things: authenticity, integrity, and encryption.

The authenticity protection means that the website that loads is confirmed to be the website you meant to visit. Whenever you visit the new and enhanced HTTPS version of SamuiDaily.com, your internet browser will verify our website to make sure you’re seeing SamuiDaily.com rather than a forgery. (This might sound wild, however, hackers may relatively}easily replace real HTTP websites or webpages with fake ones.)

The integrity protection ensures that the data transferred between SamuiDaily.com’s website server and your internet browser has not been altered. Since we have switched to HTTPS, if somebody attempts to tamper with SamuiDaily.com content before your internet browser receives it, your internet browser will issue a warning. You can rest assured that what you’re seeing is exactly what is on our website.

The encryption protection means no one can spy on content as it travels from our server to your browser. If someone is trying to surveil that content, it will be unintelligible to them unless they manage to decrypt it—which is really difficult to do.

If you like to find out more about HTTPS, head over to HTTP to HTTPS Migration as they have a great article about it.


Any new features you would like to see on SamuiDaily.com? Tell us in the comments.


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