What Jobs Can I Get As A Massage Therapist in Samui?

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Massage school means putting in a lot of work to learn how to work on patients and to give them the relaxation they desire. It often also costs a decent amount of money. Once you have graduated from a massage therapy school, what jobs can you get? There are a handful of jobs that will leave you with a satisfying career and some of them you can even pursue in Samui.

Relaxation Massage Venues

The first option with a massage career is probably the most thought of when it comes to massage, relaxation massage therapist. This style of massage is commonly practiced at venues such as Spas. There are many different spas and outlets looking for relaxation massage therapists. Some massage therapists that work with medical or rehab patients will also accept relaxation massage clients. It depends on the practice and the policies that the therapist adheres to.

Hotel Massage Therapists

Many upscale hotels have their own massage therapists. The primary purpose of these massage therapists is to help guests relax and de-stress during their stays. These hotel therapists will often be staged at the hotel and then give massages in guest rooms. While hotels may offer only standard massage therapist pay to those they employ, a good portion of the income for this style of massage therapy comes from tips and commissions.

Therapeutic/Medical Massage Therapy

Massage therapists who focus on therapeutic or medical treatment take clients who are looking to have a variety of ailments treated. These can be sports related injuries but more often they are injuries sustained during work or chronic illnesses that can benefit from massage.

While some patients may pay cash for a therapeutic massage, some patients may also desire to pay through their insurance company. For billing this way, you must have the proper training and the patient typically requires a referral from their primary physician.

If you practice therapeutic massage, there is nothing besides the policy of where you work that says you can’t take other clients.

Sports Massage Therapist

Many athletes get massages before or after games and/or practice. A massage can help a sports player recover faster, perform better, and de-stress. Taking additional classes in sports massage therapy before getting into this kind of position can be beneficial as players will look for people who can help them specifically for sports. Some professional sports teams have massage therapists as part of the team staff. While these positions may pay well, they are also very competitive. Make sure that you do everything you can to prepare yourself for such a career.

The need for specialized sports massage therapists in Samui is not as high as in other parts of Thailand, however some of the bigger hotels, resorts and wellness sanctuaries might see it as an additional benefit if you are specialized in this kind of massage.

Private Practice Massage Therapist

There are a lot of massage therapists who decide that they want to start their own private practice. Private practice therapists can work from home, have a small office, or they even can go to other people’s houses. Private practice massage therapists can be any combination of the styles listed above.

One of the major benefits of being a private practice massage therapist is that you get to decide what clients you see, how you see them, and when you see them. There is a lot of flexibility. That flexibility can also make clients happy as you aren’t limited to business hours (unless you want to be).

The one thing that you should be aware of is that some cities have varying laws about having home offices where you see clients. This may require you to get consent from all of your neighbors or to gain special licensing.

Entry Point Into The Medical World

Using massage therapy as an entry point into the medical world isn’t an uncommon practice. Medical centers hire massage therapists, as do clinics and rehab facilities. Once you are employed by one of these locations, they will commonly pay for you to move further into the medical world. There are two common steps after massage therapist: licensed massage therapist and registered nurse.

Being a massage therapist is a very rewarding career. No matter which style of job you choose, you are joining a profession where you get to help others. You also have a lot of options when it comes to deciding what to do and where to work.

Thailand and Samui are particular is famous for spa, detox, healthcare and wellness. There is an abundance of massage therapist jobs on the island. A massage therapist in Koh Samui can make between  ฿9,000 to  ฿50,000 depending on where they work and depending on the qualifications. Subscribe our Spa Jobs, Healthcare Jobs and Hotel & Hospitality Jobs categories for the latest massage therapist job opportunities.

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