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It is a dream for quite a number of people to work and live in Samui. Sadly, very few people get to live the dream. The question this creates is what the differentiating factor is, between people who daydream about achieving this dream and the people who get to live out the dream and achieve the goals of a new way of life far away from their home country in places such as Koh Samui.

The Answer is: Applying for a Job 

This is a basic start of the process; where you devote time to searching for the perfect job in Samui and send in your applications to employers.

How to Apply Yourself

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The best candidates are naturally the ones wanted by everyone. In the last few years, employee – candidate paradigm in Thailand and Koh Samui has been reversed because of the shortage of talented candidates which causes a competition between companies for the talent that is available. Now, the responsibility of the hiring manager is to sell the quality, financial stability, and advancement of opportunities for the company to the candidate instead of the job candidates selling themselves.

It is now important for Koh Samui employers to review their recruitment process and should not let the best candidates get away in order to stop high-quality candidates from getting away, a simple adjustment should be implemented.

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Earlier, we explained a few common mistakes made by foreign managers who manage Thai nationals. Now we discuss some regular mistakes that Thai nationals make with foreign employees.

Most of the regular mistakes are a result of the variation of personal background and culture. This can be solved with relative ease if there is open communication and a better understanding of individual values, problems could also escalate due to language barriers and misunderstandings could play a significant role.

A number of senior Thailand colleagues and clients and some expats were questioned and some of their responses were serious and others amusing.

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If you work as a foreigner in Thailand then you will know that adjusting to the local culture and mentality in the place of work is hard enough. It is even harder if you are the boss in the company with a majority of Thai locals, however, there are so many things to keep in mind. The mindset of the people of Thailand is not exactly like that of the western world. This can result in a breach between employees and employer which will result to the expat boss being disillusioned and isolated with a high turnover of staff and ultimately business failure.

A foreign leader can avoid all these issues and enjoy living and work successfully in this amazing country by investing in little time, care and effort. It is important that Thai colleagues, friends, and clients share their stories so one can learn from them.

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If you are looking for information about the minimum monthly salary to live in Samui this blog post will provide data and tips on what you need. Taking a look at various levels of monthly income to live on the island of Samui, and see how to cover the cost of living. To begin with, you ought to take a look at They have a cost of living comparison, where you can put side by side the cost of living in your country and Koh Samui.

Before you arrive at Samui you might have certain expectations about the minimum monthly salary levels you need in order to live happily in Samui. This levels will be less for some individuals than others. The majority of people do decide to come here to enhance their own lifestyle whilst others come so they can save cash to send to their loved ones back home.

This article is intended more for the very first group who prepare to live in Koh Samui to improve their own life. Additionally, we should state that living in the north east of the island such as in Bophut, Chaweng, and Lami or other tourist areas will have a much greater cost. Outside these areas, you can have the same living standard for possibly 10-20% less.

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