Quitting Your Job The Proper Way

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Are you satisfied with your present job? If your answer to this question is NO, then reviewing other opportunities might be of interest to you. Typically, people either submit a resignation letter or quit going to work completely. If leaving your job is the decision you have chosen, then this is the right post for you. Here is a list of some things that you would find handy when quitting your job.

Ideally, it is best to give your employer adequate notice before you quit your job. The majority of employers would prefer to get a notice of not less than two weeks to 1 month from employees who are looking to take jobs with other companies. If you can, consider giving a notice that extends beyond two weeks. You can also offer to continue with the job until an understudy, which you can offer to train is found; that is if you don’t have to resume at a new job immediately.

Submit your resignation notice in a very formal way. It is important to avoid doing this through a phone call or even an email. Draft a formal resignation notice, type it on a computer and submit a printed copy with your employer, preferably in person. While you draft the notice, include a portion appreciating your employer for the chance to be a part of the company.

Avoid destroying all chances of future relation in the future when leaving your old job. The rationale for this is that there is a result for every action and this could trail you for a long time. Ensure that you are very cordial in all your dealings during this period. Relate very well with all members of the company, including your direct employers, colleagues, etc. it is important because you might have to come in contact with them later in the future and you want to leave a good track record at your old workplace.

Make sure that you don’t take any property belonging to the company with you, if you have any in your custody, be sure to return it to the appropriate person. The request doesn’t have to be formal before you return all such items. This would also help to build a credible image of yourself before you leave since you would not want to deal with any allegation of stealing.

Truthfully, relying on your ability to discern the right path to take will be one of the most advantageous things you can do for yourself. Take, for instance, the fact that you will not include your present place of employment as a contact for reference on your resume while you search for another job especially if you haven’t handed in a formal notice of resignation. Be sure that you are not leaving your old job spontaneously, expect you are facing every dire situation.

Also, while reviewing your best option, you can consider the position your direct employer is in. Consider what you would have expected from an employee who is quitting. This review will help you to choose the best approach for turning in your resignation notice, make sure that your reference contains glowing.


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