How to Retain the Best Job Applicant

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The best candidates are naturally the ones wanted by everyone. In the last few years, employee – candidate paradigm in Thailand and Koh Samui has been reversed because of the shortage of talented candidates which causes a competition between companies for the talent that is available. Now, the responsibility of the hiring manager is to sell the quality, financial stability, and advancement of opportunities for the company to the candidate instead of the job candidates selling themselves.

It is now important for Koh Samui employers to review their recruitment process and should not let the best candidates get away in order to stop high-quality candidates from getting away, a simple adjustment should be implemented.

Fast Reaction

As long as you have decided to fill a position, ensure that you are committed to that decision and make hiring decisions on time.  Take the hiring procedures as a project and make sure you meet your goal of hiring the best candidate within a short period of time. In the case of indecisiveness, time delays and budget reviews will send a message to the candidate that the company lacks focus.

Centralize The Recruitment Process

You might not need to conduct second and first interviews, by ensuring that all the participants are available in the first interview, the decision will be made on time and will be effective as your firm will have a better chance to recruit top talent.

If You Go For The Best

If you want the best…then you will need to pay the best. It may not be what most companies want to hear but it happens to be true. Don’t misjudge the pay rate, benefits, perks, etc., necessary for the best quality candidate to accept the position; don’t play games with lower than market rate offers.

Keep abreast of changing salary scales, and price your jobs competitively. If you don’t know what the current market rate is, hire a recruiter who does and who can advise on all aspects of the recruiting process.

Get The Appropriate Help

Bringing a professional recruiter in at an early stage will help prepare your company for the hiring process. A top-notch recruiter will ask the right questions to help you identify your company’s needs and will also help you identify human attributes (personality, communication skills, corporate culture, etc.) that the “right” candidate should possess, including “must-have”, attributes and “preferred” attributes.

Choose a recruiter to work long term and they will soon be attuned to the exact needs and requirements of your company. Include the recruiter on your company’s hiring team. A preferred recruiter is very helpful in structuring job descriptions so they stand out. And finding the recruiting angle that will draw superstars and in presenting the job offer to the candidate so it will be accepted. In addition to recruiting top talent, good recruiters possess skills to help candidates evaluate and accept good offers. This “third-party-input” to the candidate during the decision is critical to avoiding turn down and defusing counter offers.

There are many professional recruiters, headhunters, and recruitment companies in Thailand, such as Fuller International, Tiger Hospitality, and Azure Recruitment. Some international recruiting companies have consultants or partners based in Thailand, like Manhattan Group.

With a streamlined recruiting procedure and the right approach to the top candidates, your business will be one of those getting the best talent while your competitors on Koh Samui are still wondering how that perfect candidate managed to get away.

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