Five Tips to Re-energize a Job Search

Posted by | 21/09/2017 | Career Advice

The first steps in an employment search are to create a polished resume, write an insightful and personalized cover letter, and practice several mock interviews. As these steps become second nature, a diligent job seeker may wonder what comes next. After a few nibbles here and there, the job search process will inevitably reach a lull. Here are five tips to re-energize the job search and forge ahead to generate more leads.

Maintain an Activity Log

Keep track of job postings that have been applied to and contacts that have been made. This facilitates an organized and timely follow-up on leads. Periodically looking back to see what strategies or areas have yielded more success than others will enable job seekers to re-focus their efforts moving forward.

Ensure that adequate effort is directed towards all aspects of the job search. This includes searching for and applying to job postings, personal and business networking, and targeted outreach to companies of interest.

Explore Job Search Engine Sites

These websites can be a good tool to search generally, or within a function, for job openings that meet specified criteria. Some sites may allow job seekers to post a resume so recruiters can search by candidate profiles. Additionally, some provide comprehensive data to facilitate company research. is a comprehensive search engine for jobs. showcases technology and engineering jobs, and many more sites cater to specific functional needs.

Some of these job search websites provide an opportunity to set up email alerts for job postings that are aligned with particular interests. Besides notifying the job seeker of potential openings that meet search criteria, they can provide valuable indicators of what companies are currently hiring bringing to attention worthwhile opportunities that may normally be overlooked.

Create an Online Presence and Network

Although social networking websites, like Facebook, are not the appropriate place to reach out to potential employers, they can be an effective way to notify and update social networks about an ongoing employment search. In contrast, business-oriented networking sites, such as LinkedIn, can be a great way to rev up a job seeker’s online presence. Furthermore, some companies exclusively recruit through sites like LinkedIn by posting jobs and searching for candidate profiles.

Do not underestimate how much people are willing to help. Continue talking with friends and family to put feelers out for employment opportunities. Even if they may not have a good lead, they may know someone who does. And when possible, speak with an employee at a company of interest. This provides valuable information about the company, and demonstrates targeted interest to the Hiring Manager.

Following these recommendations will allow job seekers to tweak their employment search, and should hopefully generate some new leads and help them find a job.

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