6 Categories of Job Interviews

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Companies use interviews during recruitments so that they can pick the best candidate suited to the listed job role. While job hunting, candidates will typically be faced with at least one of the 6 different types of interviews listed in this article.

Hiring Mangers usually used these styles of interviewing:

Filtering Interview

With this approach, the interview is spearheaded by a staff member of the human resources team. The aim is to filter the qualified candidates from the pool of applicants. At this stage, job seekers are advised to highlight their skills and capacities rather than aiming for creating relationships. The focus of interviewers will be guided by certain objectives; they will review applications for discrepancies and screen qualifications. It is best to give replies to all inquiries they make and refrain from going overboard in your answers so that they do not use the information against you.

Personal Interview

This style usually comes after candidates have been screened and chosen as being qualified for the specified job role from the pool of applicants. However, the motive of the recruitment is to check whether the candidate is a perfect fit for the company and how his or her skills will provide solutions and help with the company’s vision. The aim of a personal interview is to create a relationship with the recruiter and highlight your skills and abilities as the best choice for the company.

Assessment Interview

This is a conscious attempt to put the applicant in simulated situations where he or she is assessed on his or her ability to manage such situations. Sometimes, the recruiter can come across as being harsh or overly questioning or even delay you or a while. Anticipate such expressions and stay calm regardless of whatever happens. Give relaxed replies to all questions. When you are unsure of what is expected of you, ask questions calmly and don’t stumble into giving a reply.

Meal Interview

The fact that you are out at lunch doesn’t change the etiquettes and the behaviour expected of applicants. Even though the venue is more relaxed than the typical office setting, it is still business and you have to take seriously. The meal is an opportunity for you to build a relationship with your interviewer. Take a cue from whatever choices your interviewer makes with regards to food and manners.

Panel Interview

Group interviews are very popular. The applicants will be facing a group of company employees who make the hiring decision. Face the person who has asked you a question directly when answering the queries, your response doesn’t have to be directed to the whole group. With some interviews, the applicants might be asked to display his or her to provide solutions to problematic situations. The interviewers will create a theoretical situation and ask applicants to come up with a strategy for resolving the situation. Applicants are not expected to completely resolve the situation a viable attempt is all that is expected. Interviewers expect applicants to show their ability.

Group Interview

Interviewers use this style during the recruitment process to select the potential employees with the leadership skills, especially with regards to their relationship with the public while on the job. It is usually conducted in a relaxed and conversation driven mode of interview. The candidates will be given a topic for debate which will be managed by the interviewer. The aim of this interview style is to detect the applicant’s human relations skills and how convincing the candidate can be. If the recruiters are pleased, the candidate will be invited for more detailed interviews.

Whatever style of interview, it is advisable to stay confident and relaxed during the interview process so that you can give the best responses to the questions posed. Also, familiarising with the company’s vision and objectives will also help you prepare a tailored response that would guide you in giving the right answers to questions.


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